Annual Maintenance Agreement

As part of the Comprehensive Roof Maintenance service agreement, all skilled labor along with the necessary tools, equipment, and materials to perform scheduled maintenance inspections and repairs will be provided. Scheduled maintenance repairs are defined as maintenance to:

- open laps or splits at perimeter flashings
- cracks or splits at roof penetrations
- filling of pitch pans
- replacement of caulking related to sheet metal flashings, termination bars, counter flashing, skylights,   smoke vents, copings, and gravel stops.
- checking and cleaning of roof drains and gutters
- removal of all debris

Twenty-five years is the typical life expectancy of a new roof, with some that are properly maintained lasting for more than 45 years. In our demanding climate, moisture penetration is the number one reason for roof problems and without early detection and repair a 25 year roof can fail in less than ten.

Regular maintenance can double the effective performance life of a roof, saving you time and considerable capital expense.

The owner will be entitled to three leak service calls per year at no charge for any leak related to work that was performed (or was to have been performed) under regularly scheduled maintenance. Skyline Roofing  will warrant all repairs for a period of one year from time of completion against defects in material or workmanship.

Service agreement costs include (1) a one-time charge for the Condition Assessment Report and owner's manual, (2) annual/semi-annual/quarterly roof inspection(s), (3) an Energy Evaluation, (4) time and materials work, and (5) an optional thermal scan


Why scheduled roof maintenance?

The questions always come up . . .
Why should I spend money on something that isn't leaking?
Can you prove there is a return on the money spent?
Why do I need maintenance if I have a warranty?

                                     . . . and there is an answer for all.

The life of your roof is directly related to how often it is inspected and how quickly small problems are identified and repaired. The federal government, which is the largest building owner in the United States, found that their average roof lasted less than 5 years before leakage occurred and less than 8 years before replacement. A national roofing association has shown that as many as 35% of all roofs do not reach their life expectancy. Of the causes identified with premature roof failure 47% is due to poor workmanship, 16% to poor design, 9% each to faulty materials and weathering, 8% each to trapped moisture or mechanical damage and 3% to roof traffic. If you do not now have a formalized program to inspect, identify and repair roof problems, how long will your roof last?

In an attempt to better illustrate the point, let's look at the following example of scheduled maintenance:

After your home, your second largest investment is your car. Your owner's manual recommends that you change your oil every 3000 miles and perform other yearly maintenance. If you follow those instructions what is the result? The car lasts longer, has fewer problems and you can claim most major problems under the warranty provisions of the manufacturer. You budget and spend a small amount of money to protect the value of this large investment.

But, if you elect to change the oil randomly, fail to change the filters, check the transmission fluid, change the ozone sensor etc, what happens? The car has frequent and expensive repairs, it can leave you stranded and you spend more money to replace something that could have lasted years longer.

Our goal at Comprehensive is to educate as many owners and building managers to the fact that programmed roof maintenance makes economic sense. A roof inspected semi-annually can last as much as 50% longer than one that is visited only when there is a leak. Maintenance with documentation provides you with a written history of repairs, a projected life expectancy, and clear budget numbers for future expenditures. It gives you both knowledge and control. It protects your asset and provides value.

At Comprehensive we have the program, we have the expertise and we have the desire to work with you to maximize your investment. We need you to answer the question . .

Please contact us to receive an evaluation, and set up your annual maintenance agreement. 

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